All Types of Low Voltage Electrical Design and Installation

Dolphin Star is able to supply novel and bespoke low voltage electrical design for integration in industrial structures. The LV systems are designed to incorporate commercial equipment power components, power distribution systems, lighting components, fire detection systems, transformers, low and high power winches, hazardous gas detection and monitoring systems and communication systems all within an Industrial Plant.

Procurement and Execution

The Project Procurement Management Process is initiated immediately after the Project Procurement Plan has been approved and the Supplier Contract signed, without a formal Project Procurement Management Process in place it will be difficult to confirm that the products provided by the supplier are ‘fit for purpose’. Here Dolphin Star provides the secure and cost efficient Procurement Process of the Project.

Systematic Planned Execution of the project under the keen supervision of the experienced and skilled Electrical Engineers. Dolphin Star makes the creative Execution plan time-bound, cost-effective, Power balanced, raw material consumption balanced.

We shall be happy to offer our ideal solution for power supply, distribution networks and protection be it standardized or customized. Buying equipment from Dolphin Star means gaining a partner you can rely on for your equipment’s life time. We shall help you make decisions regarding your needs right from conceiving stage to brain storming to the actual delivery phase and throughout the product life cycle.

Installation of generators

From the first step, upon unpacking the generator from shipping cartons, conducted a thorough inspection to detect any damage that may have occurred during shipment. Following the Standards and Regulations of the Country or Region under supervision of experienced professionals, to the Last step of Testing the normal working of installed Generator. Dolphin Star do every step as challenging and accomplish it most precisely.

Design, installation Area Lighting System (indoor/outdoor)

Dolphin Star has extensive experience in the commercial lighting design, installation, and maintenance services in GCC. Our esteemed commercial experience includes schools, libraries, town halls, banks, water treatment plants, parking garages, retail spaces, apartment buildings, condominiums, luxury high–rise residences, and more! We design and install a wide variety of commercial lighting systems, including landscape and exterior accent lighting, as well as parking lot lighting.

Industrial Lighting
Oil Tank Farm Lighting
Residential lighting
Turnkey solutions

Dolphin Star provide the complete turnkey solutions for low and medium voltage electrical distribution equipment by coordinating complex low- and medium voltage electrical distribution system.

Supply and Installation of Instrumentation panels

We design, manufacture and supply all types of Instrumentation panels.

Industrial Instrument Control Panel. Instrumentation Panels are designed to monitor and control levels such as temperature, flow, current, and pressure from the field instrument that are connected to it.

Earthing & Lightning Protection System
Air-Termination System / Down Conductor / Isolated Lightning Protection
Air-Termination System / Down Conductor / Isolated Lightning Protection
Underground Cabling
General Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting systems and equipment vary depending on the age, size, use and type of building construction. A building may contain some or all of the following features:

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are provided for a ‘first attack’ fire fighting measure, generally undertaken by the occupants of the building before the fire service arrives. It is important that occupants are familiar with which extinguisher type to use on which fire.

Most fires start as a small fire and may be extinguished if the correct type and amount of extinguishing agent is applied whilst the fire is small and controllable.

The principle fire extinguisher types currently available include:

Fire extinguisher locations must be clearly identified. Extinguishers are colour coded according to the extinguishing agent.

It is the policy of the Community Safety and Resilience Department that fire extinguishers be logically grouped at exits from the building, so that occupants first go to the exit and then return to fight the fire, knowing that a safe exit lies behind them, away from the fire. In some instances this will be at odds with the prescriptive requirements of Australian Standard AS2444 Portable fire extinguishers and fire blankets – Selection and location, which simply specifies a distance of travel to a fire extinguisher rather than their location in relation to escape paths. Blind compliance with the standard has the potential to place the fire between the occupant and the safe escape path.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels are provided for use by occupants as a ‘first attack’ fire fighting measure but may, in some instances, also be used by firefighters.

When stowing a fire hose reel, it is important to first attach the nozzle end to the hose reel valve, then close the hose reel valve, then open the nozzle to relieve any pressure in the wound hose, then close the nozzle. This achieves two principle objectives:

  • A depressurised hose and hose reel seal will last longer than if permanently pressurised

  • When the hose reel is next used, the operator will be forced to turn on the isolating valve, thus charging the hose reel with pressurised water supply, before being able to drag the hose to the fire. A potential danger exists if the operator reaches the fire and finds no water is available because the hose reel valve is still closed

Because hose reels are generally located next to an exit, in an emergency it is possible to reach a safe place simply by following the hose.

In South Australia, a unique floor mounted swivel hose guide is often employed which lays the hose at floor level, prior to being dragged by the operator. In practice for a single person, this makes withdrawal of the hose much easier than does the traditional high level swinging arm hose guide.

Fire hydrant systems

Fire hydrant systems are installed in buildings to help firefighters quickly attack the fire. Essentially, a hydrant system is a water reticulation system used to transport water in order to limit the amount of hose that firefighters have to lay, thus speeding up the fire fighting process.

Fire hydrants are for the sole use of trained firefighters (which includes factory fire fighting teams). Because of the high pressures available serious injury can occur if untrained persons attempt to operate the equipment connected to such installations.

Fire hydrant systems sometimes include ancillary parts essential to their effective operation such as pumps, tanks and fire service booster connections. These systems must be maintained and regularly tested if they are to be effective when needed.

The placement of such equipment needs to closely interface with fire service operational procedure; simply complying with deemed to satisfy code provisions is a potential recipe for disaster.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

Time is essential in the control of fire. Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the most reliable methods available for controlling fires. Today’s automatic fire sprinkler systems offer state of the art protection of life and property from the effects of fire. Sprinkler heads are now available which are twenty times more sensitive to fire than they were ten years ago.

A sprinkler head is really an automatic (open once only) tap. The sprinkler head is connected to a pressurised water system. When the fire heats up the sprinkler head, it opens at a pre-set temperature, thus allowing pressurised water to be sprayed both down onto the fire and also up to cool the hot smoky layer and the building structure above the fire. This spray also wets combustible material in the vicinity of the fire, making it difficult to ignite, thereby slowing down or preventing fire spread and growth.

When a sprinkler head operates, the water pressure in the system drops, activating an alarm which often automatically calls the fire service via a telephone connection.

Some people say sprinklers cause a lot of water damage. As has been explained, only those sprinkler heads heated by the fire operate; all sprinklers in a building do not operate at once. Usually non-fire water damage only occurs if the occupants carelessly damage the system. Firefighters use much more water than a sprinkler system. The combined damage from a fire and the water used by firefighters dramatically exceeds that likely from a properly installed sprinkler system.

Because, historically, complete extinguishment of fires has not been achieved, it is traditional to consider that sprinklers only control fire growth until intervention occurs by the fire service. Today, some sprinkler systems are designed for early suppression and are considered to have failed if they do not extinguish the fire.

Sprinkler systems are usually installed in high or large buildings and high fire hazard occupancies. Statistics show that in a majority of cases where sprinklers are installed the fire has been controlled by one sprinkler head alone.

Structural Fabrication

We are specialized in structural steel fabrication works for commercial, residential & industrial projects as per client’s requirement. We offer fabrication, welding and installation services in Dubai & across UAE. Deals with:

  • Steel structures

  • Shed and warehouses

  • Steel construction

  • Mezzanine floors

  • Plants and industries

  • Customized steel works

Ware House Structural Works
Structural Maintenance
Oil Tank Cleaning

Dolphin star technical Services offers cleaning of oil tanks in Dubai, U.A.E and other G.C.C countries. From gas freeing to carbohydrate recovery to cleaning, Dolphin star provides efficient service keeping in mind the turnaround time, safety, cost and environmental impact. All our tank cleaning operatives are well trained to work in confined space using breathing apparatus. Dolphin star technical services can clean small industrial storage tanks to major refinery and military holding tanks.

Crude Oil Tank Cleaning
Tank Sludge Removal
Pipe Pigging

While build-up in a pipeline can cause transmittal slows or even plugging of the pipeline, cracks or flaws in the line can be disastrous. A form of flow assurance for oil and gas pipelines and flowlines, pipeline pigging ensures the line is running smoothly.

The maintenance tool, pipeline pigs are introduced into the line via a pig trap, which includes a launcher and receiver. Without interrupting flow, the pig is then forced through it by product flow, or it can be towed by another device or cable. Usually cylindrical or spherical, pigs sweep the line by scraping the sides of the pipeline and pushing debris ahead. As the travel along the pipeline, there are a number functions the pig can perform, from clearing the line to inspecting the interior.

Multi Pigging
Valve Interlock Pipeline Pigging
Multi Pigging
Valve Interlock Pipeline Pigging
Outside Piping
Internal Piping
Design and Drafting Services
Engineering Design

  • Electrical & Instrumentation

MEP Drawings

  • Electrical System Design

  • Public Address System Design

  • Panel Designs

Fire Alarm System Drawings
ELV System Drawings